How to determine if Homey is working?

For a while ago (sepember) I bought a Homey Pro (2019) as an upgrade for my Homey (early 2016). My early 2016 worked fine when I replaced it.
Now I was going to resetting it to factory settings and sell it but nothing happens when I turn it up side down. When I plugg it in the orange led ring spins and it seems that it starts up ok but I can not logg in to it from the app or from developer mode (it says offline) and nothing happens when I turn it upside down.

It seems strange that it should be broken by just laying around and not being plugged in.

Any suggestions?

Try to browse to after Homey was upsidedown for 10secs

Using Firefox browser is key

Ok, even if it don’t count down?

If speaker is defective you don’t hear but will see ledring and wifi HomeySetup-xzxxx


If I connected the power when it was already up side down it worked! Very strange but maybe because it has been turned of for a while it has lost orientation?
Now it works as it should.