How to debug pairing issue with Steinel IS 140-2 Z-wave

I have two Steinel IS 140-2 Z-wave motion sensors in my shed and driveway. The issue I have that after a few months, Homey doesn’t show any updates anymore. This now happend 3 or 4 times. They still switch lights whenever the motion sensor is triggered (a directly connected light via the Steinel, not via Homey). Also, I can send commands from the Homey to the Steinel, for example I can switch the connected light on and off. I just don’t see updates that the motion sensor is triggered, so either the Steinel don’t send status updates anymore, or the Homey stops processing them.

So far, I tried to either turned off the main power, that worked a few times. This time, I tried to unpair and pair the devices with the Homey. Unpairing (remove device from the Homey) worked immediately. Pairing requires a bit of clumsy process setting a potmeter on the sensor to max and then to minimum within a few seconds. I had troubles getting that to work with one motion sensor, but after 10-20 attempts, I succeeded. However, for the other motion sensor I can’t get it to work. The motion sensor does blink. The homey goes into REMOVE_NODE_STATUS_LEARN_READY when I look in the Z-wave debug logs. I placed the Homey in direct range (outside in the driveway, about 4 meters away in plain sight, as close I can get). Despite that, there is no sign of pairing.

I’m a bit stumped why this is so troublesome, and how I can debug. Is the Steinel broken? Is the app unstable? Is the Z-wave signal too weak? Am I too impatient?

Any suggestion to move forward is appreciated. What would you do? Give up? Try to debug Z-wave? Buy a new motion sensor?

It’s not the end of the world – I deliberately bought 230V motion sensors with a directly attached light so even if Homey is down, the lights just continue to work, and they do. However, what fails is some smarter flows, like a different light going on when I approach the driveway.

Which Homey firmware is installed?

Beperkt bereik tijdens koppelen

Let op: tijdens het koppelen van een apparaat kunnen signalen niet ‘doorhoppen’. Daarnaast koppelen sommige apparaten om veiligheidsredenen in een low-power stand. Dit maakt het bereik tijdelijk klein om zo kwaadwillenden te weren. Koppel Z-Wave apparaten daarom altijd dichtbij Homey, en plaats ze vervolgens op de goede plek. Binnen 30 minuten worden dan automatisch de nieuwe netwerk routes gemaakt, en is het apparaat bruikbaar.

Sorry for the Dutch text in this English topic, but I think you can read it.

Ah, right, found it. PEBKAC.

With 4 metres in plain sight, the signal was absolutely no issue.

I misunderstood the inclusion mode procedure. The procedure with the Steinel is to first turn the Z-Wave control dial (the potmeter) all the way to the right (the set position), and the to the middle where the 0-position is. I naively thought that the 0-position is all the way to the left, but that’s where the reset position is. With that newly found information, including the device was a snap.

(Next question is why manufacturers come up with these error-prone inclusion procedures, but I don’t expect an answer to that anytime soon :wink: )