[APP][Pro] Steinel Smart Home App (v1.1.0 | TEST v1.2.0)

Steinel Smart Home app

This app will add support for devices made by Steinel.


Steinel Athom Apps store
Steinel Github repository

Supported devices:

Motion detector IS 140-2 Z-Wave
Indoor light RS LED D2 Z-Wave
Outdoor light L810 LED iHF Z-Wave
Floodlight XLED home 2 Z-Wave

Supported Languages:

  • English
  • German
  • Dutch

Supported Z-wave regions:

  • Europe


Any requests please post them in the Steinel Smart Home app topic on the Athom Forum or contact me on Slack
If possible, please report issues at the issues section on Github otherwise in the above mentioned topic.


If you appreciate this app, contribute to future development by making a paypal contribution

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v 1.0.3

  • Add German inclusion information; contribution by Martin Pussamsies
  • Fix issue preventing to install the Steinel app from app store

v 1.0.2

  • Add German language support; contribution by Martin Pussamsies
  • Update Homey meshdriver to 1.2.32

v 1.0.1

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Frequently Asked Questions:

I’ve just released a minor update of the Steinel Smart Home app to the app store, see changelog:

v 1.0.1

Hi Ted,
The IS 140-2 Z-Wave is it only register Lux or also the temperature?

The Steinel IS 140-2 Z-wave only registers light intensity.
Not the ambient temperature.

Hello Ted

Can I use the motion sensor of the L810 LED iHF Z-Wave through your app to activate a
synology IP camera.


Hi @adju dju,
Like with other motion sensors, the L810 has a “motion alarm turned on” and a “motion alarm turned off” trigger card… so setting up a flow to trigger an IP camera (using the Synology app’s action card) is possible

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Hallo Allemaal,

Ik heb Steinel (VSA BV in Nederland) 4 weken geleden een mail gestuurd met het verzoek voor meer informatie over de IS 140-2 Z-Wave want ik zie dat het bereik van de Lux meter maar 0 tot 2000 is.
Dit is wel een klein bereik als je het vergelijkt met z-wave sensoren zoals bijvoorbeeld van Fibaro die een bereik heeft van 0 tot 32000 lux.
Ik wil met de lichtcel wel het verschil kunnen waarnemen tussen helder weer en weer dat de zon schijnt zodat de zonnewering dicht loopt. En aangezien dat dit de eerste sensor met z-wave is die buiten gehangen kan worden is het wel een uitkomst.

Wie heeft er al ervaring met deze sensor en is de Lux meting het enige wat over Z-Wave gaat of zijn er meer mogelijkheden?

@Rex that’s likely a wrong interpretation of the manual’s technical specifications…

Twilight setting 2-2000 lux via control dial and with the app

So this is the moment that twilight sets in and that the sensor will switch / trigger thte internal relay or connected devices. It does not represent the actual measurement capability of the sensor.

In general, this sensor has the same characteristics as a regular motion sensor; detecting motion (triggering and resetting motion alarm) and reporting light intensity.

Next to being a sensor, the IS 140-2 Z-wave also has an internal relay, switching on and off any connected light(s) or any of the by Z-wave associated IS 140-2’s or compatible Z-wave devices.

Original Dutch response:

@Rex waarschijnlijk interpreteer je de gebruiksaanwijzing verkeerd…

Schemerinstelling 2-2000 lux via draaiknop en met de app

Dit is dus het moment waarop de sensor de daar aan gekoppelde lampen inschakeld en niet het meetbereik van de sensor.

Deze sensor gedraagt zich als een reguliere bewegingssensor; detecteert beweging (motion alarm) en licht intensiteit.

Daarnaast heeft de sensor een ingebouwde schakeling, waarmee een lamp geschakeld kan worden en kan de sensor via Z-wave gekoppeld worden aan andere (gelijkwaardige) sensoren en ook Z-wave gebaseerde schakelingen…

Ik zou het op prijs stellen om deze vragen in het app topic te stellen: Steinel Smart Home App (v1.1.0 | TEST v1.2.0)


I need help. I have two Steinel IS 140-2 Z-wave and have problem to configure them. Both are constantly telling homey that motion is detected.

I guess this is a simple config problem, but I can’t find it out.
Does anyone recognise this problem?

For some reason the motion-alarm-card is not showing as a trigger card (anymore) on Homey 1.5.

correction it is available through devices-alarm cards, a bit labour, due to the and card that needs to be added, but works in the end

Hi i have tried to install an XLEDhome 2 Z-wave device in my homey(2.0.2) because the application Steinal Z-wave v1.0.1 was listed as compatible with the new homey.

I have tried several times the inclusion by turning the wheel from reset to set within 5 second. Homey did not detect a device the first 2 times. The third time I tried it showed the following screen:
However no device has been added in the device screen. Also in the app it does not show connected devices.
I have tried a reset of homey and a reset of the app. Nothing works. It keeps telling me status already added.
Does anybody know how to solve this problem?

Go to Settings -> Z-Wave -> Remove a device and put the light in inclusion/exclusion mode.
If it is correctly excluded try to add it again. Near as possible. Maybe you have to move your homey to the light. (Powerbank may help for mobile power of homey).

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That was the solution! It works like charm now
Thank you very much for responding so quickly to my issue!

I’ve just uploaded the v1.0.2 app update of the Steinel app with German language support to the app store. Thanks Martin for you contribution!

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v 1.0.3 of the Steinel app is available in the app store:


I often have problems with my Steinel RS LED D2 Z-Wave lamp. Sometimes it switches on alone, then again it reports no movement for days, but still switches on, do you have similar problems?



@Philipp_Karl To understand the problem better, what is the Z-wave setup you are using at home?
Is the RS LED D2 Z-wave lamp installed at the edge of the network or routed through another device?

Are other Z-wave devices also showing delays / slow responses?


on Steinel’s advice i have now changed the mode to slave with gateway check, with normal mode there should be problems with other Z-Wave hubs. I now control on and off with flows.

I noticed the following, maybe you can confirm it:

  • If you turn off the power to the lamp, then it takes over the sensitivity/range values from the poti again and not those you set in homey?
  • Why is there in the lamp 2 times the selection for motion detector, switching on and off, which confuses, I mean if you look for a trigger in the flows
  • Have you ever successfully made an association between a Steinel lamp and another device?
  • Have you left all other entries up to date?
  • The lamp takes a route to Homey, no direct way, is about 3 m away from Homey.