Outdoor Movement sensor


I have a new Homey Pro and looking for a Outdoor movement sensor to switch on lights.
If possible on 230V so I don’t need to change the batteries…

Steinel had them but they aren’t available anymore in Belgium. Hornbach has them but does not send to belgium…

There are models with an USB connection, but how lang may the cable be then ? And also is it then stil IP54 ?

Hope anyone has the same issue as me … :slight_smile:

You could try an outdoor sensor from KaKu. With a flow you can use the HP23 to switch Z-Wave devices with common KaKu devices. Its’s cheaper and no need for two-way communication.

It is Z-wave, no USB. But app not compatible with Homey Pro 2023.


You mean the steinel ?
I already have 2, and they still work … :slight_smile: there was a work arround for it.

You need the test version of the app.

Yeah I think I got that app :slight_smile: