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How to debug a device that does not work properly anymore?

I got 4 dimmer plugs (Everspring AD147 Dimmer plug), but one of them have stopped dimming the lights or turning on/off. It does not have any functionality anymore and only sends the power straight through to the connected lamp.

I have reset the unit many times and added it to Homey again without it helping.

I have no flows that might interfer with it. I want to debug to see exactly what happens when I try to dim the light on this spesific device. How can I do that?

I have checked https://developer.athom.com/ but so far not found any useful info on how to debug a faulty device. I just want to know if it is Homey that is the problem or if the device itself strangely enough is broken.

Probably your device is broken, even connected to Homey, devices don’t live forever.
In developer.athom you can try to follow the communication, filter on the node id to follow only this devices communication.

Ok, thanks for your info. The plug is only a couple of weeks old, but new products can still break though.

I´m just getting familiar with developer.athom. Could you take a little time to specify exactly what I should look for and how I can understand what actually is going on?

Probably you better send the plug back to the shop, I’m not a z-wave specialist, I only know there is a logging and it is parsed for better reading, so I can’t help you there, and if the device is still communicating, you probably don’t see any difference with a working version (it wont say “I am defect”).