How to connect a ESP8266 leestrip to Homey (Virtual device?)


I connected a digital led strip from Aliexpress to an ESP8266 running the McLightning software. I can crontrol the led strip via Web API and MQTT, I have it already connected to Home Assistant and from there to Homekit and Google Home.

But how do I connect it to Homey? I would like a device with on/off, brightness, color and scene control. I created a Virtual Hue device, but when I change something to the Hue Virtual Device I have to send out MQTT or HTTP, but there are not action cards with labels for the virtual Device.

Anyone knows how to do this?

Gr. Remco this one?


Thanks…I also saw this app popping up a few days ago. I am testing it right now with My McLightning ledstrip.

Gr. Remco

Hi Remco, I tried yesterday but when I fill out the ip adres I get an error, maybe Ive got time today