[APP] SK6812 Ledstrip

I’ve made an app for controlling your SK6812 ledstrip with the help of McLightning V3.

AppStore: https://homey.app/nl-nl/app/nl.jplekkerkerker.ledstrip/SK6812-Ledstrip/
Github: https://github.com/Grooviee/HomeyLedstrip
McLightning V3: https://github.com/FabLab-Luenen/McLighting

To use the app you have to connect your ledstrip to an ESP8266 board and install the McLighting software on that. Instructions for this can be found at https://github.com/toblum/McLighting/wiki/Software-installation.

The app supports setting 3 colors, dimlevel, theme and themespeed.



  • Change color
  • Change theme and speed


If you like this app and want to support the development you can donate some beer/coffee so that I can improve the app even further.

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Hi @Grooviee,

do these LED strips have an advantage against other LED strips?
Or are there any differences compared to other LED strips?

Thanks in advance

The advantage is that the SK6812 also has a white led, besides the red, green and blue. That way you can have a warm white color instead of the colder white the red, green and blue combined create.

Thank you for this app, now I’ve finally been able to connect my running lights to Homey.

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It’s great works perfect. Is there a possibility to play with segments which you can control in mcLightning but not in Homey. I’ve got 8 segments and would like to control with flows the color/brightness etc. of each segment.

The app uses the REST API, which as far as I know doesn’t support the segments. I will check if there are other ways to change the color and on/off state, but I won’t think it’s possible at the moment. When you(or anyone else) has an idea how this is possible I would like to know so I can implement it.

Thanks alot. I haven’t got time to look into the code… but when i do and find something i will let you know.

Just looked into McLighting V3 looks like the REST V3 do support the segments.

“segment”: 1,
“start”: 72,
“stop”: 143,
“mode”: 1,
“fx_mode”: 24,
“speed”: 253,
“brightness”: 46,
“color”: [
“ws_fxopt”: 176,
“hostname”: “McLightingRGBW”,
“mqtt_host”: “192.168.xxx.xxx”,
“mqtt_port”: 1883,
“mqtt_user”: “mqtt_user”,
“mqtt_pass”: “mqtt-password”,
“ws_seg”: 2,
“ws_cnt”: 144,
“ws_rgbo”: “GRBW”,
“ws_pin”: 3,
“ws_trans”: true

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