How to check if the washing-machine has finished running?

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I am looking for a smart plug, that can trigger a flow when the power consumption changes. I bought an Everspring Z-Wave plug, but I cant use it as a trigger. It only acts as a switch within Homey Pro. :frowning:

Any recommendations? Does the Aeotec Smart Switch 7 work?

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In the app store you can easily find out if SmartPlugs are able to measure power consumption.
Search for the app, click on the SmartPlug, check if flowcards are available for power measurement.

Examples, which support the measurement of power consumtion:
– Everspring AN158
– Fibaro WallPlug
– Aeotec Smart Switch 6 & 7
– NEO Coolcam Power Wallplug V2

My personal recommendation for SmartPlugs is the Fibaro WallPlug. Actually I use myself Fibaro Walli Outlet.

However, please check if the performance data of the SmartPlugs are suitable for your washing machine!!!

Thanks for your reply. My Everspring plug can measure power consumption. However, I cant use it to trigger a flow. I can only select “if switched on” or “if switched off” or “dimm level changed”, but I cant select anything like “when power consumption changed” or “power usage increased” or stuff like that.

What is the Type-number of your device?

I have a similar issue, mean my Miele washing machine is using 3 phases / 16A and I haven’t seen any smart plug which supports that unfortunately. Maybe someone has already a solution for that

Yeah, this is the real point to check! And… unfortunately usually the maximum allowed power/load is given for passive(resistive), but washing machine contains also reactive loads. Know it from my own little hands :neutral_face: Used Fibaro (big 2500W on plug) for stated 2400W machine - NOT DO IT !!! Not sufficient power handling.
Right now i’m using for my washing machine a Aeotec’s heavy duty switch. Yeah, $$$ and may be also little overkill on power, but at least it’s working well.

About logic - actually, i have quite well domesticated washer - so, for me the power>3W for “switched on” and power<2W for “switched off” triggers working well (yeah, have also some things to do when washing machine switches on). But, heard about little bit more wilder machines (here is more than one thread about that) - so, may-be You must also do some time checks or use additional variables, triggered for example by heating power ( if it was heated, and now the power is bellow something two minutes, then it’s done).

Do you have a type #
I don’t believe, if it’s a normal household model, it uses 3 phases.

hmm, just checked the tech specs and you are right. The Socket is a 400V 3 phase socket and the electrition installed a Typ 15 plug which can do 400V/3 phases but he only connected 1 phase.
So thanks for the hint, I will simply replace the plug and go with the Fibaro Wall Plugs.

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I’m using the Qubino Smart Plug 16A for this. Does the job.

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Thanks EdP, good reading. I will compare it with the Fibaro and make a call which one to buy

Aeotec Smart Switch 6

Aqara Smart Plug seems to be able to report when power consumption changes.

Hi Jan,

I use this with a flow for a few months now for my washing machine and tumble dryer.
Just when the power is under 1 Watt, it will switch off the device.

Problem is to find the right smartplug which can handle the power of a washing machine or tumble dryer.

I found also the solution for this with the Blitzwolf BW-SHP-15. This plug can handle up to 3680 Watts.
And I never had any issue with these plugs. It works flawless with the Tuya Zigbee app.

Regards, Arjan

I use for the same task two TP Link HS110 (Max 3680W)

And I use two flows. As a single power consumption changed event didn’t work as trigger for me too.

A. Power consumption has changed and is higer 50W, deactivate Flow a an Activate B
B power consumption has changed and is below 2W, deactivate Flow B and activate A and send notification.

Works for my washing machine and dryer since months.

Hi Arjen,

Looking for a solution that can read power consumption for my washer and dryer as well. Works fine with Neo Coolcam smart plugs. Blitzwolf SHP15 seems to be significant cheaper. What values can you read from these Blitzwolf smart plugs? Does it include energy consumption in kWh, power consumption in Watts and also voltage and amperes? (like Neo Coolcam does)

Thanks for letting me know!

Bert, you should aware that the Neo Coolcam Smart Plugs cannot switch more than 12 A. This means the maximum power consumption can be 2760 Watts. The BlitzWolf can handle up to 16 A.

The plug supports power consumption in Watts and energy consumption in kWh.
It does not measure the Voltage of the mains.

Thanks Arjen!
Also for the hint towards max Amps. Actually the specs state 13 A, which means 2990 Watt. Still this is too close to the max Watts of my washer, so I will go for the BlitzWolf. And power consumption and energy consumption is available, which meets my purpose.
So, thanks a lot for your input!

Bert, I mean this one:
Blitzwolf BW-SHP15

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Hi Arjen,
I received the Blitzwolf SHP15 and now trying to connect it with Tuya Zigbee. However, it connects as an “Unknown Zigbee Device”. Tried multiple times. Any idea?

It is a _TZ3000_u5u4cakc TS011F, which is in the list of the Tuya Zigbee App supported devices.

Hope you can give me some hints to get this working.


Hi Bert,

You should add the Blitz!wolf as a “Smart Plug with Metering”. This option I’ve used to get it running.