How do you install this community app?

I downloaded the installer, entered credentials in log in with athom, get a screen that says couldnt automatically log me in and gives me a code and says to copy and paste into command line… What command line?

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What community app?

Do you mean Homey Community Space ? There is dedicated thread for it, Homey Community App Store - #468 by Undertaker, but actually I managed to get it working only once. Best is to ask on Discord - Homey Community Space

Btw, we are not able to read your minds but I tried :joy:

The Community Space is currently out of service and is being improved.

  • download
  • Download the installer for Windows or macOS
  • have fun

Please wait a few more days !

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The homey community App Store app. I followed the link to this forum when I clicked “help” on the download page.

If it’s out of order, Is there any way to obtain community developed apps? Other than the ones sprinkled in on the official honey App Store? I did notice a different interface between the two methods, the first one, which must be the HSK one is the one that I was referring to in the OP. The second one was after I followed the help link to a download page, I downloaded another installer but this time, after the “sign in with Athom”, is complete, the page goes back to the button to open the Athom sign in and seems to do nothing. When checking the apps on my honey pro, there is no community store app visible.

Sorry, since this is where the help link sent me, I thought it would be a common issue that most here would know what my question referred to …I did clarify in following replies.

Yes, only if the source is published, and you are able to install it by [HOW TO] CLI install method


Life gets easier if you mention the links right away :wink:
the site which says something like ‘Homey CLI OLD’ at some point, is the OLD hcs.

Oh, and you can find the Hcs app topic here:

(Edit: I noticed Sharkys already mentioned it)

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I am assuming the Homey Community Space is still out of service, is this correct?

I’m not sure. I gave up trying to install it.

I couldn’t login the other day, so yes.

What app(s) do you like to install?
When the source is public, you can install them by [HOW TO] CLI install method.