Error when installing apps from the forum

See attached photo.

This always comes and I have to press install several times.


This is a known issue that’s being discussed on Slack. Apparently, Athom cannot reproduce it so it may take some time to fix (instead of clicking the button several times you can also reload the page, after which it will also work again, at least it does for me).

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Thank you for the info!

Is this the same problem that I get when trying to update an app through the phone?

I had 5 updateable apps and I could not install any of the updates from the Homey app on the phone.
Had to search them up one by one and install from there like he first attachment above.


I think that’s a different issue :frowning:

It’s the language that make that problem. Even the flag top right is the right one.
Break of the action and choose again your language (flag).

That’s not the problem, setting the page language is just a workaround just like reloading the page is.


I have now sent a request to Athom with up to 3 weeks of response time.

So, Athom needs 3 weeks to respond, still hasn’t heard anything.

Anyone else has the same problem?

What do you mean by the language and the flag? If I set my language in the app to english, it will work?

Read the reaction just below mine of robertklep.
It was an idea of mine what was not true for that problem.

Thank you.
Thought it worked for you.