How do I prevent my garage door from accidentally opening?

I use the Fibaro pulse switch to open my garage door. When I’m home, fine.

The moment I accidentally press the “device button” when I am not at home, the gate will also open unintentionally. How can I prevent this? Can I protect the button?

Can I build in a flow into a code that must be actively entered as security to prevent unwanted opening? Who needs a flowchart solution for this? Or do you have another idea to incorporate this protection?

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Welcome @MarcoBrood,

would you please use the english language here in the main forum so other users can read and understand it too and may help you.

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You can use this card in the AND column:

Or you can maybe do something with your home/away status? Only allow the door to be opened when you’re home.

And sending a message to you’re phone when the door is opened is also a nice extra safety feature maybe?

These solotions are related to flows. Is is possible to block the device with a code?

Hi @MarcoBrood,

I’m struggling with a similar scenario; my idea is to use a zwave door sensor to detect the garage door opening. This way you can set parameters to when it can be open or have it closed again upon detection within x seconds/minutes. If you’ve come up with a different solution please share.

Thats how Homey works ofcourse, a few sollutions are given above.

What you want is not possible at the moment, i like the idea but its something that just not possible at this moment.

Always can make a request for it ofcourse, i think more people would like it with some sort of code.

And just being curious, but

Do you that often open the homey app? and then still accidentally pressing the button?

One idea could be to add an extra virtual “main garage door switch” which needs to be turned on before the door can be opened. Just use it as an and-criteria in your normal open-flow. You could also automatically turn that switch of based on your presence, not being home.

Hello Jonas ,y\ I am looking for protection against improper use of the garage button. You program this solution in a flow.In the flow I solved it by sending “Open” in Telegram. So i don’t need to open the app.