How do I add existing Lutron Caseta Switches

I have Homey Pro 2023. I have installed the Lutron Caseta app, but I am unable to add existing switches to Homey Pro. If I hold down the button on the switch Homey Pro doesn’t find the switch.

I JUST added mine. It found the bridge and then I added it. After, when I add a device via the app, it would pull in all of the devices of the type I selected. Pretty slick!

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Lutron Caséta App for Homey | Homey

The Lutron Caséta App for Homey allows you to connect Homey Pro to the Caséta Smart Bridge.

I am not seeing the option to add the bridge.

Ok, after removing and re-adding the Lutron Caseta app, I got the prompt to add my bridge.

I’m still unable to get the prompt to add a bridge. Is there an option to search for the bridge? I don’t see one, and when I click Diva Dimmer or Claro Switch it doesn’t find anything.

I am using the Caseta Smart Bridge PRO if that matters?

I assume you tried uninstalling and reinstalling the Lutron app as I did.

Also, try tapping the button on the back of the Lutron hub while trying to add the device.

Thanks Gregory! I figured it out this morning.

I had my Lutron hub plugged into my Arris modem/router from my cable company and the Homey connected to my Nest WiFi Pro’s network (which was also hardwired to the modem/router). When I connected the Lutron to the hard port in the Nest WiFi Pro, Homey found it. Even after finding the hub I needed to reinstall the Lutron app like you suggested to make the pairing successfully so thanks for the tip!

I’ve been able to connect everything now.

My Hue hub was plugged into the Arris so I assumed it would be fine, but my guess is that Homey connected to the Hue hub via Zigbee so its network connection didn’t matter, but needed Lutron on the Nest to find it via network.

I hope the Lutron hub eventually supports matter and can be connected via that to Homey instead of WiFi. Would probably make it a bit quicker.