How did you make your homey kbow when u awake?

And how does she know when u asleep
Im meaning to homey know it alone
Not by marking it in the app
How u do it?
I can creat a flew of course but i cant think of a way to do it automatically…

I use the zone function but I have motion sensors in every part of my home. If I’m awake only to take a piss at night or a cup of drink, its less than 5 minutes. But any longer and my sleep mode functions within homey gets turned off and it will set me to awake.

For me, if zone is active more than 5mins set awake.

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On week days I use an alarm clock.

In the weekend I start this flow with google “ Ria wakker”. Then the shades go up and I am set awake, if it is still before sunrise the bed lamp goes on as well.

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Lot of examples on the forum (search)

I hate to put extra switches, or have to tel GH that iam awake (not the idea of home automation)

So i did put a smart plug between my old not smart alarm clock. it measure the power witch is a bit higher when the alarm goes. This set my house awake, and let start several flows.

Works great, and 100 % when using the the alarm, but you already guessing…not using every day the alarm. So for that my second and backup trigger is a morning routine that i do always when waking up no matter what!!

And that is making coffee, so again a power plug between the machine and homey knows again that that idiot is awake.


There are multiple ways of doing this.

I have a few things that have to be true to be awake: nightstand light or light in living room on after 6.30 in the morning for example. You have to dig in your habits to see if this works and if you cover all your days, moments. If you forget one, you might sleep all day! :wink:

I have motion sensors everywhere, except in the living room (where it is logical to monitor activity), so I cannot use that. So, zone activity (more than 5 minutes) like @viix says isn’t great for me (unless I spent more than 5 minutes in the hall or toilet :wink:

There are a lot of topics on this forum covering this. But it depends on your situation and preference.

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First off all thank u all for the answer :smiley:

The alarm is god idea but i need something more automatically
I do not use an alarm most of the days and uselly my day is not the same as the day before
So ehat i want is somting more like…

Lets say some kind of sensor pressuer under my side of the bed
And than flow:
If the pressure gas changed
After 5 hours of pressure
Then set homey to i am up
Is it possible?

Yes, there are pressure sensors. You could do it with a vibration sensor too. Aqara makes them, cheep too.

I’m doing it by detecting roaming of my cell phone. If I roam to another AP, I’m awake. At nights when taking a leak or getting a sip of water I usually don’t take my phone with me. I’ve got a backup flow which sets me awake at 9am.

And how the sensor works? Viberation is same as pressure?
What info do u get from it?

No, it isn’t the same… but you can add a timer to it. Unless you are a very steady sleeper.

How sensitive are those vibration sensors of Aqara?
I never really saw a point in using those. I cannot find a purpose for them.

I’ll just use IFTTT to start a flow when my phone is charging. It charges at night :slight_smile:
Put in the charger = sleeping, pull out of charger = awake.
This is guarded by time, so you cannot go to bed before a certain time, etc…

Works since I have Homey.


This is sound good
Can u shere the flow to show me how?


In Homey (go to sleep flow):

Netatmo welcome cam (recognition), or Face app

I need to lern the german languch if i want to stay in this forum lol :smiley:

coolllll i dident know i can do it like this…

this is what i have done
i hope this will work :smiley:

p.s…how do u shere ur ifttt and homey flow like this? screenshot ?

The words u do not understand is the name of the flow above :smiley:

I do it in a combination of @RoyWissenburg and @Jordi_Visbeen.
I use a WallPlug on my bed-side cell phone charging station. When I put my cell phone on the charging station in the evening, I am marked as sleeping. When I take the phone off the charging station in the morning, I am marked as awake.
The whole thing can be modified with times and possibly motion sensors.

The advantage of this variant in comparison to IFTTT is that no connection to the Internet is required.

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thats not so bed idea…
i have sonoff plug wich i can use and try…thanks

work perfectly and easy…
thanks !!

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I’m using an app, Sleep Cycle, in which my bedstand light (Philips Hue) is set as wakeup light. In Homey there is a flow
[when] Light goes on
[and] I’m asleep [and] the time is between a period
[then] mark me as awake

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