How did you make your homey kbow when u awake?

I have the Withings Sleep mat, which is compatible with Homey and is triggering a Flow as soon as I wake up. Motion sensors are not an option as we live with 3 cats :slightly_smiling_face:

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Withings Sleep Mat is absolutely rock solid for determining when your in asleep.

One of the best buys I have made

this is nice solution but expensive one…

what information u get from it in your homey ? can u print screen ?

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And this is?

The Screenshots @Oren_Malki asked for. Or at least I hope so :slightly_smiling_face:
This is what I get from the Withings App inside Homey.


Ah the sleep mat. Cool! Doesn’t the app get updated anymore? The images seem to not be working.

Yes it exactly what i hoped to see
Now i need to buy 2 like this :smiley:

Careful, the withings app will not work for two people.

What do u mean? I cant use 2 of this for me and the wife?

The way the withings app works is that you add a withings ‘user’ each withings user consists of all the stats for a ‘user’, wights, temp, blood pressure and their sleep map.

The problem with the app, oddly is you can only be connected to one account if you try and add the second it will just try add devices from the first.

I imagine that you try and add the second sleeping mat to the same user, but it does kill a lot of the uses of the actual withings mobile app.

I put in a support ticket for broken icons last year, but it still hasnt been updated, I dont think this is a high priority app.

That all said, the sleeping mat is perhaps my most useful smart item in my house.

wait im not sure i get it
u cant add 2 of them into homey?
even if i create seperete user on seperet phones?

You can probably avoid the problem with 2 sleeping mats by using IFTTT.

Can you make more advanced flows?
Like detecting when you are in REM sleep, and to delay the alarm going of…?
SOmething like that…