Honeywell Duplicate Target Temperature

My honeywell device is showing two target temperatures. One of them shows the correct target temperature, while the other shows one that isn’t even setup as a target temperature on the device.

First one is incorrect target temperature

Second one is correct target temperature

I can’t setup any reliable flows without removing the incorrect one. Why would it say there are two target temperatures when there is only one setup?

Cooling and heating target temperatures?

You would be correct :man_facepalming:

Would be lovely if that was specified on UI. It always defaults to showing the target heating in app, do you happen to know of a way to change this? I live in a tropical climate and heating hardly ever turns on throughout the year. I tried looking for other forum articles but haven’t been able to locate much on the Honeywell app.


Did you try, on your mobile-phone-app, go to device, settings, maybe there is a Status Indicator setting?

I did check there first. Unfortunately only thing available is “Exclude from Climate”.

Doesn’t look like a phone app?

The Honeywell app shows this as its status indicator.

What I mean is, in the mobil-phone-Homey-app: devices-device(thermostat)-settings(cogwheel)-StatusIndicator.

Not configurable. Although in the settings image it shows the target temp of 75F I want to see in the icon so that’s confusing. In the preview on devices it shows a different one.


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