Homeyduino Wemos D1 mini pro Infrared remote control (reading and sending)


As you will know the Infrared control part of the Homey is stated as “experimental” and it doesn’t work properly. So I’ve built a IR remote control with Wemos D1 mini and Homeyduino. With this device it’s possible to read remote IR commands (Protocol and hex code) and send it with Homey to control your devices. Now I’m able to control the IR of the humidifier and the IR candles in the living room.

I’ve used the code of this project as initial start: https://www.instructables.com/Using-an-ESP8266-As-a-WiFi-Enabled-Universal-Remot/

Afterwards I’ve added this code to the project and wrote some functions to send the hex codes

Homey.addAction(“CandlesOn”, onCandlesOn);
Homey.addAction(“CandlesOff”, onCandlesOff);
Homey.addAction(“HumidifierPower”, onHumidifierPower);
Homey.addAction(“HumMinMax”, onHumMinMax);
Homey.addAction(“HumPercentage”, onHumPercentage);
Homey.addAction(“HumION”, onHumION);
Homey.addAction(“TvPower”, onTvPower);

Breadboard with Wemos D1 mini pro

Homeyflow example