Homeyduino: How can I change the caption of a button

Can someone provide me with a syntax example how to change the caption of the button?

This is the code in Arduino:
Homey.addCapability(“channel_up”, setUp);
Homey.addCapability(“channel_down”, setDown);
Homey.addCapability(“button”, setStop);

That generates this screen in Homey:

Great, but I want to change the caption of the buttons like “knop” (Button in Dutch) to something else. How do I code that?

AFAIK, you can’t. The titles are the (hardcoded) defaults for the capabilities that you use, and you can only override those for your own Homey apps (the ones you code yourself).

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Thanks Robert, although… that’s not the reaction I hoped for :wink:

Is there any change that this feature will be implemented into the homeyduino library? It would be really neat to be able to change the title property!