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Homey xmas fun


I configured Homey to manage the christmas lights.

  1. Various flows of managing lights.
  2. The lights uses a solar panel and battery. We have rooflight (36meter) and its fully eco.
  3. Xiaomi sensos measuring lux when the solar isnt charging enough and needs support.
  4. Sonos integration
    5 Fibaro button for activation of the train (Fleischmann) and dancinglights

We had fun building, now we keep tweaking.


Hahaha! good job!:christmas_tree::santa:

Nice work!

I see you pressing the red button. What type of button is that? I am looking for a water proof button that uses Z-Wave or Zigbee, but I cannot find any.

See point 5 in his post!

Thanks. Was distracted by the video :wink:
Didn’t know these buttons were waterproof.

The Fibaro Button isn’t waterproof.

They are not, but a piece of plastic will aid

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