Can't setup Fibaro Button on Homey 2023

Anyone managed to setup a Fibaro button on homey 2023…
Starts process but does not recognize the pairing clicks.

Just tried it, doesn’t work for me either. On HP19 it also doesn’t work for me. Have tried 2 batteries, but not sure if they are charged.

I changed and checked the battery, all good at 3.6V.
Ok so i will need to raise a ticket for this then.


Will do it also.

What comes into my mind. Are you sure you have the Z-Wave Button? Because there is also an Apple HomeKit Button available.

I ordered Z Wave and that is what it says was shipped i believe, and i am sure i saw Z Wave logo on bottom of button, but will double check when i get home.

Right, there must be the Z-Wave logo at the bottom.
In the meantime I checked also the batteries. One is dead, but the other is in good condition.

Restarting the app and the HP23 doesn’t solve this problem.

Tried that, and made sure the app was the latest version, also rebooted the Fibaro app.

Where is it we leave the tickets now for the HP23 version, they changed it didn’t they ?

Right. Because it’s not a HP23 issue, I opened a “normal” ticket incl. a diagnostic report no. of the Fibaro app:

App Store

My Homeys → Homey Pro 2023 → Apps → Fibaro → Contact Support

But I don’t know if it’s the right way… :man_shrugging:t3:

Have left a ticket also, lets see what the outcome is.

Did some further tests, and that is disappointing.

I tried to include the Button again and again at my Fibaro Home Center 2.
I also tried to reset the Button first and then it to include it again at the HC2.
All attempts failed…

Also I checked if the battery is inserted the right way around.

So I guess the Fibaro Button is a piece of junk just like their door/window sensor 2.

Have you ever included the Button before, e.g. at a HP19?
For me this was the first time adding the Button.

Check the contacts inside the button, not just the battery contacts themselves, but the internal contacts, they are very prone to stop making contact properly.

Tried it already with a screwdriver, but maybe not enough. So I will give it another chance.
Thx for the hint!

Don’t know exactly if this did the trick, but I was able to include it to the HP23.
However, I had to press the button very, very, very, very hard.

Summary: The button seems to be just as badly designed as the Door/Window Sensor 2.

Perhaps the worst piece of hardware produced by Fibaro.
Had 5 of them, all died one after the other with minimum use.
The inclusion into Homey was never easy either.
Would not recommend them.


Took a closer look at the button.
First I assumed that the problem is the contacts for the battery:

So I put two paper discs under the framework of the battery spring, so that the battery contact sticks out a little higher from the bottom part:

But this is not the problem.

The problem is the pushing of the microswitch:

The red top of the button must be pressed down extremely hard for the microswitch to switch. Then you can also hear a click. So I tried to bend the microswitch up a bit, but that didn’t work well.
Maybe it would help to raise the pin (red circle) of the bottom part a little bit. However, even pressing the microswitch with a pen, for example, requires a relatively large amount of force.
Any suggestions are welcome.

If this is also the problem with your button, I do not know of course.