Can't setup Fibaro Button on Homey 2023

If the relevant device App is already installed there is generally no internet connection and/or cloud service needed to include Z-Wave devices on a HP23. However, I don’t know how this works with the Homey Bridge. Theoretically, no internet connection/cloud service should also be required for this, because Z-Wave is local-
Afaik, HomeWizard devices need an internet connection/cloud service.

Regarding cloud services, a lot of maintenance work has been carried out at all locations in the last few days. To check the status follow this link →
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@Bram_C, seems not to be a typically behavior. Of course, the Button could also be broken. But I would suggest to contact Athom support regarding this issue.

@DirkG Yes, I am in contact with Athom support right now trying to fix the issue. Let’s hope they can find a solution for this.

Don’t think they’ll give you a positive answer mate. For me the answer was “you have too much traffic on z-wave, case closed!”.
Hence, I’ve moved to Home Assistant and guess what, with almost twice as much as z-wave traffic I could include all my Fibaro buttons.

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I haven’t read anything about the “too much traffic” problem for a long time, but unfortunately also no statement that the problem has been officially fixed. Furthermore, not every HP23 was or is affected by this problem. I have about 79 Z-Wave devices and have never had this problem.

I would like to share an update on my issue:

Together with Athom support I did several tests and I have send information like the diagnostic report and an overview of my Z-Wave network. Unfortunately the real cause could not be found. They were able to tell me that the Fibaro The Button is known for being difficult to connect to Homey, which is not related to Homey but to the button itself. This is also what I was reading from other community members. It is still strange in my opinion as I have previous installed this device before without any issues, but now with both buttons I have issues connecting them to Homey. Anyway, there is not much more I can do.

About the support from Athom, for me it was a good experience. When submitting my request, I received the message that the expected reply time is 2-3 weeks. But I already received a reply within 5 business days. And every time I replied with information they requested, I got a response within 1-2 days. Unfortunately they were not able to fix this issue, but if it’s not related to Homey itself, I believe there is not much they can do.

@DirkG, @Kevin_Ponsen and @danone: Many thanks for your help!