Homey won't drops off router - ac88u Merlin firmware

I got an Asus ac88u and installed Merlin firmware on it recently.
In theory it should be same as stock with more settings but I noticed that homey drops off the wifi.

I need to reboot homey several times for it to reconnect after rebooting the router and then during the day it drops off again.

Not sure if I need to change something on the router or if home have some issues with its power ?

I could go back to stock Asus and try but I wanted to see if someone here knows anything since merlin is a very common Asus setup.
It’s running Merlin default wifi settings, dual band ssid (2.4 and 5 on same network)

Do you use the AiMesh functionality together with other APs?
I had problems with the Asus Lyra Mesh. Homey always switched the APs because they had the same SSID. Somtimes Homey stuck at the AP most far away without Wifi connection and did not reconnect.
Only solution was a second 2.4-only Wifi at the router for devices which had problems with the mesh. Since this SSID has only one AP Homey keeps connected.

No aimesh but I have thought about a second wifi for homey if the issue persists. Thx

One question: when you use the standaard Asus firmware, did it then also drops the connection?
If not, do you need the more settings off the Merlin firmware. Go back to the orginal firmware.

I think it might have been a unlikely timing.
The homey isn’t losing wifi it’s turning itself off.

Turned on the ring to verify and when it goes down it’s not lighting up at all.

You should check if other flows are working (Zibee, ZWave). My flows for window/heating are still working while homey was offline.