Homey TaHoma app -- add Somfy IO Lighting receiver

I have a LED balk with 7 LED spots which operates via a Somfy IO Lighting receiver (to turn the lights on and off and also to dimm). This receiver is currently not available in the Somfy Tahoma app. can this be added?

Ref 5107825 A
Somfy 74300 - France

If it’s not available in the Tahoma app the I would think it is very unlikely to work with Homey. The iO protocol is protect by several patents so can only be used under licence. It is also encrypted so very difficult to hack.
I presume you have tried to include it in Tahoma by selecting the No Remote option so it searches for devices?

I would like to have this Somfy IO receiver added as a seperate device to the Somfy Tahoma app. I hope the developer Lennart Kuijs can do this. I don’t know what the best way is to send him a message.

I have added the device to the Somfy Connexoon, but there is currently no (LED device) option available in de Tahoma app that recognizes the receiver.

I was able to add Somfy IO shutters easily to Homey.

Ah, I see now, so it is in the official Somfy App. Lennart is still working on the Homey app when he has time so maybe you can post a request on Github https://github.com/totalimmersion/com.somfy.tahoma
He also has some instruction about capturing the information he needs to add new devices https://github.com/totalimmersion/com.somfy.tahoma/files/2755935/Instructions.for.the.TaHoma.devices.pdf
So if you can provide him with the information he is more likely to include it when he gets time.

I have added the information to issues page. Hope he can support this (I notices that there are a number of issues of last year are still open, but maybe some of these are not applicable anymore).
To capture the information in step 4 I tried to login on the Tahoma web client via https://www.tahomalink.com/enduser-mobile-web/steer-html5-client/tahoma/, but apparently the login details are not equal to my Somfy login details. I have a Connexoon, so maybe that is the reason.

I chatted with him about a month ago on slack private message and he confirmed he was still looking after the app but has been very busy. I have implemented some of my own devices in the app and wanted to know if he would like me to share my code with him so they could be added officially but he hasn’t got back to me on that.

Unfortunately he will need the information that is requested in the document to have any chance of adding the device. Maybe you can try variations of the link by replacing tahoma with connexoon or try login into the connexoon web interface and see if that provides the same information.

I just managed to grab all my data by logging into the my normal Tahoma account on the web site. Maybe you could try by logging in to your Connexoon account.

One thing that does puzzle me though is the Homey Tahoma App appears to use the link above when connecting so that must be working fo you to get and set the devices you have already added?

I have received an answer from Somfy customer support for below:
“Als jij een connexoon box hebt kun je niet inloggen via tahomalink.com.
Dat is voor klanten die een Tahoma box hebben. Voor de connexoon hebben we alleen de app en geen andere manier om in te loggen in de app.
Ik heb even nagevraagd maar helaas kunnen we je hierin niet ondersteunen en gevraagde infomatie aan jou leveren”

So for the Connexoon there is only the app and it is not possible to login via tahoma link.com.

Via the Connexoon app on my Android mobile phone I don’t know how to get the required information.

The current version 1.5.4 of the Somfy Tahoma of Lennart Kuijs is 4 month old.

I think it is over a year since the app was updated. The 4 months shown in the store is when the store was updated. Lennart told me he was still going to maintain the app but is very busy at the moment. I have pushed my changes to him a while back but no idea if or when he will add them in.

A year is a long period…

Can Athom maintain this app because this is a valuable app for the Homey?