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Homey shows a white light and beeps continuously

My homey started acting funny, it did not recognize switches etc and when used with the Iphone app, it stated it was offline. LED working fine and showing the spectrum light.

I then decided to reboot the device to make it work and connect to wifi again but when it came on, the LED is solid white and it continuously beeps in a high pitched tone.

It does not seem to work to re-set to factory by turning it upside down.

Any ideas ?

Pull the Plug,
Search for another 5Volt 2000mA or more USB Adapter an test that. Probably a faulty power Adapter.

2100 mA or 2.5 A also good. as long as it is USB (and thus 5 Volt ).

If that fixes it, send an e-mail to support with your Homey Account.

Thanks, I will try that as soon as possible, unfortunately not until Friday week and report back, in the meantime the homey is switched off :slight_smile:

I have now been able to test the Homey with a new power source and that fixed the problem.
It is the original homey power supply that is faulty.

thanks for your help!
with best regards,

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