Homey Pro with Homey Bridge as Satellite : Zigbee Network Issue

Hi - I am setting up one Homey pro with two Homey bridges as satellites. For testing, I have all three within a 10m radius. The initial setup works fine, but I have one question. Using the developer tools, I can see all three as nodes in the Z-wave mesh. However, with the Zigbee mesh, the two bridge units do not appear as separate nodes. I can though add several Zigbee end device. These are then numbered from 2 and onwards. However, still no listing of the Bridges as nodes in the Zigbee network. Have I missed something?

Yes, the zigbee router functionality for the bridge as satellite is not implemented yet

They use strike-through in opposite ways… in the Q1 part it means ‘check, done, it’s live’ and in the Q2 part no strike-through means the same :partying_face:

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Hi - Thanks. Much appreciated. That was very helpful. I had not fully decoded that list.

Btw - Do you know if they will accomodate lan/wifi as Zigbee backhaul?

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They probably want you to keep a close eye out :crazy_face: :wink:

I’ve read they don´t reject that idea, and maybe it gets on the agenda. The question is probably how many users would really want / need 2nd remote zigbee or zwave controllers per lan/wifi (imagine what vpn makes possible in that case :crazy_face:) and, duh, how many hours it would cost to write and test the code :wink:

In the meantime, and when you own / want to buy a ‘classic’ Homey Pro as well, this might be interesting to you: