Homey Pro USB and OTA update issues and more

So, at first when i bought my HP23 it had an early 10.x.x version. Update OTA was working fine, but then it stoped. Thought it was a temporary issue. but still not worked. Have updated and are now running 10.3.1. Now i tried to up date to 10.3.2, as usuall the OTA dont work. And now when i am trying USB update i am getting “ep.read.fail”. I also notice more and more minor issues. after the last updates i noticed the lamps form namron had very slow response turns on and off multiple times like its zigbee messages bounsing on the network. Moved the lamps to HUE hub and now they work great. so think there is an issue with the home zigbee?

Have noticed more and more hickup´s lately.

The product is great but, are there more than me having these issues?

Please contact Athom Support https://homey.app/support
There is not much the community can do.

Usually issues are fixed with updates, think its strange that nothing i mention above as far as i can tell.

Was not directly searching for a solution here, but was just after if there are more than me with these issues. But will try support even if i dont think that will help either.

So update:

Figured out the problem, and it was not the cable as often many mention, but after deleteing browser cache it worked firn with USB. still no reaktion on OTA thought, but i newer know before next update if it is fixed. :slight_smile: