Homey Pro restart history


Is it possible to check when Homey did the last restart or see a history of this?
I have some issues with an app that should send logs over api and that stopped working right after I restarted Homey (I think).

See https://tools.developer.homey.app/tools/system

Uptime (Seconds since last Restart)

No history by default, (unless Homey Reports it did a Firmware Update on your timeline)
but you could create a Flow for it :wink:


I tested this action, but this card doesn’t seem to trigger anything.
Is this the only system card there is?


This is an Trigger.
Have you tried the example above? Did that work on a restart of Homey?

For me the trigger card is working.
I’m using a deley after this card, so that the system has time to start up.

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I use flows to log on the timeline and in my Simple(sys)log.

I log

  • when I start a reboot
  • when a system startup has happened.

This way I can always see unscheduled restarts (because they are not announced before they happen).

Here is a picture of my log:

Unfortunately I am not able to access my PC otherwise I could have shared the flow. For me the ‘System has started’ trigger works fine.


Thank you for sharing :slight_smile:

Can you share it when you are able?

How does sys log work, can you share a screen of it?

Maybe that is the problem.

I have to delay it. Can you share a screen of the flow?

Yes, as an advanced flow.

But I want to send this to logging, thats not happening

Reboot Advanced flow:

Homey has started Advanced Flow:

I log to the timeline as well as to a local simplelog and a remote syslog
You can use the SimpleLog app: Simple (Sys) Log App for Homey | Homey

My setup is slightly more advanced, since I am also running a centralised syslog on my synology. But if you drop the two cards that say ‘DS920’ your flow should still work locally on you own Homey.

Remember that when using apps, also logging apps, they need some time to startup. This is why I have the 30s delay after the reboot. Experiment with timing on your local device to make sure this works properly and you don’t encounter that SimpleLog has not started yet. If it does not work, increase the delay.

I don’t think that the delay would solve the problem, because it’s working for Dijker.

For me is the delay helpful, because I want to take care that specific plugs (e.g. for freezer) are switched on again after a restart. I learned that some plugs are switched off after a unplanned restart (or I was not patient enough :slight_smile: )

Could you share your full flow, that we can see what’s behind the trigger, maybe there is the problem.

For the timeline a delay is not necessary.
For logging, or switching using Homey Apps this is not a luxury; not every app starts at the same time, and most apps are not started when the 'Homey has started" event is triggered.
In your flow I can see you are using the timeline to log, and indeed for that no delay is needed.
For switching your fridge however, depending on when the App involved is started this may or may not work. For this reason, a delay is recommended.

I have tried to use the sysinternals app also to get information about the restart. It seems like that doesn’t work.


This is the flow. All I want to do is log the restart of the Homey:

I want to use easy logger for logging through api and google sheets.
Tried with 30 sec delay, but I didn’t get anything.

Not sure what is the issue here. How about you start with a 5 mins delay and see if that works.
If it does work, you can reduce the timeout/delay; otherwise increase the delay.
Perhaps try using the timeline as well to see whether your flow or the timeout is the issue.
Any timeline message should not be dependent on any delays.

Yes, I can ofc try with a 5 min delay.
But the lack of logging is happening in the same time as I receive messages like this from Homey:


Use the timeline to see whether your log works.

If the timeline works, use the delay to figure out whether your app is started .

If changing the delay does not work, perhaps your Google sheets co fig is not wet up correctly.

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That is a issue you need to get sorted before anything else. There is plenty of posts in the community about this topic. Unfortunately, often not so easy to solve.

If you like to figure out with logging what happens around the time you get these messages, use the timeline only. It is not app-start dependent.

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Is it possible to be notified on the timeline when Homey has a network issue?