Homey pro region work


I live in Dominican Republic and I want to know if the homey pro work perfectly in this land ? I think in local it s not a problem but I need to know about the cloud…

And I have the same question about the homey bridge ?

Thanks a lot for your help and answer.

If you plan to use cloud services (f.i. tado, Tuya) it depends on their clouds and your internet connection.
If you use local radio’s like zigbee, then you’re independent from internet for those devices.
Note Homey Pro regularly needs internet for f.i. authenticating and backups, but the speed/latency does not influence the responsiveness of Homey.

Here you can view the status, (planned) cloud locations, and a latency test. Which means how quick or slow it will respond:

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Thanks for your answer.

The latency is around 195 ms but I saw a new region is planed in the U.S east coast near my island.

Do you know if it will work soon ?

Have you installed the Homey app alr? And added a Homey cloud version?
Then you can see for yourself how ‘slow’ it responds.
Note: my test “cloud Homey” responds way quicker than my Homey Pro.
But… the test Homey isn’t doing much with only a few apps.
My cloud latency is around 40ms.

One would assume a datacenter @ the East Coast has a lower latency than @ the West Coast for your location.

No one knows the planning / roadmap. Athom does not publish such info. My guess, as long as there are multiple issues with the beta, they’re not going to enable the planned datacenters.
But, there might be an other plan why the datacenters are enabled one by one.