Homey pro loses connection with all my zigbee after update

Everyone but the one being used for the device in question, or all zigbee apps @Peter_Kawa ?

If you want to pair f.i. a Tuya Zigbee device, that app should be enabled.

Didn’t work unfortunately, and still can’t control anything :confused:

Bummer, I’m out of ideas now. There seems something odd going on, like a bad connection on Homey’s PCB or something like that.

Appreciate the help @Peter_Kawa :muscle:

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Tip is to ask homey service they are really fast och helpful . My issue solved it self after trying there tips

It’s already in motion @Kvalle :slight_smile:
What did they ask you to do?

Try some different, first they wanna know exactly my issues and see my ZigBee network.

And they told me to do a full installation of the update from recovery mode , but it didn’t help.

Ask me to try cut the power to the ZigBee switches and turn it backnon after min 10sec

But what got my zigbee up and running was to reset 2bottons and re-pair them without deleting them in the app after them re connected as new divece. everything started working

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I had the exact same problem after update to 8.0.2. Never had these kind of zigbee problems before (but did have some others). My latest big change was the zigbee rewrite in which I manually had to rewrite all my flows.

Anyway, Homey was on channel 20. My WiFi was on a non-interfering channel and my Hue bridge was on channel 11. I also figured it was the update.

I put Homey in recovery mode twice and updated with desktop with shift+ download full update. All didn’t help.

Homey was able, for a few seconds, to connect to 1 or 2 devices and then eventually didn’t communicate anymore. On the developer website of homey I learned that my humanfreemem (or something like that) was 1%. I figure homey was having a zigbee or memory issue of some sort. I ended up being kind of frustrated because I couldn’t put my lights on (because lights ánd wall switches are zigbee).

After reading many zigbee posts about homey on the forum (mainly about the zigbee chip that sucks) I decided to take on the tremendous amount of work (again) of reworking all my flows. And to move all my devices to my Hue Bridge.

Apart from 2 ikea sensors, which don’t pair with hue and two robbshop energy meters. I have moved everything to hue and it has been an awesome experience since. Homey didn’t work as fast with hue in the past but now it works almost instant. It’s a blessing, finally a fully functional working and healthy zigbee system after two years of problems with homey.

Therefore I can highly recommend you to move everything to a hue bridge if that works for tuya or to some other zigbee bridge and connect that bridge to homey.

Moreover, homey released a video on YouTube yesterday about hue. In which they state that even homey advices to connect all lighting to a hue bridge rather than to homey.

Thanks for sharing.
I actually started down that route but it turned out that my Schneider switches didn’t work well with Hue. Sadly there is some bug in the switch firmware which made it impossible to turn lights off fully (you could only dim them to 1%).

Hopefully that’ll be fixed in a future firmware update though, I’ll revisit it then :slight_smile:

Thanks again!

Sigh… so I redid my whole zigbee mesh. I mean re-added all devices from scratch, updated all flows etc. And after the update to 8.0.3 it’s the same story all over again.

Sensors report but no commands are executed or status shows on my Schneider devices. Gah.

Fixing flows isn’t needed any longer. Just replace the ‘old’ device ID('s) with the new one('s).

Alternative: I added every zigbee device to it’s own matching < group > device.
This way, I only have to change the group member (old device for new device), flows stay unaltered.
Disadvantage: zigbee devices depend on < group > app

For sensors: if you use the Zone activity in flows, you can also replace devices without needing to modify flows.