Homey pro interferes with Apple TV remote?

taking my first steps into the homey world and setting up my first flows. But tonight I got some problems with my Apple TV - it isn’t responding to my remote and keeps telling me to move it closed to the Apple TV to pair it. Once paired it loops telling me to move closer and pair the remote again.
My homey is placed close to my Apple TV, so I shut it down just to remove it from the equation. As soon as the homey was shut down the remote started working again. Guess the homey interferes in some way?
Can this interference be avoided?

Yes, if you move Homey Pro to another room than where the Apple TV is or why wireless connection can be interfered.

So I cannot place Apple TV and homey in the same room? No way around it?

You’ll have to find out what part of Homey is causing the interference. From what I know, the Apple TV remote can either use IR or BLE, so to rule out it’s IR, shield Homey (place a cardboard box around it, for instance) to see if that solves your issue. With BLE, it’s going to be more difficult.

In any case, both IR and BLE should not be active at all on Homey, unless it’s actively sending out commands (which, from what I understand from, isn’t the case in your situation).