[Homey Pro (Early 2023)] App unsupported list

That’s not my repo. TBH I don’t have the source code anymore, so consider the project as abandoned. I could transfer the App to another developer, but you’d have to get the code base from Athom or completely rewrite it.

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It looks like that the developer of “remote speak” stopped supporting this app. The developer is not responding on request or question.
If i’m right someone was developing something familiar as remote speak. Something that works with the google assistant on a android phone. So with his app i can get a written speech on my phone that will speak out.
I just wanted to ask if this developing is going forwards and can this app be expected?
Remote speak is much used on my HP2019, but i think i must say goodbye to this app.

Might be interesting:
I stumbled on the “Join” app and it lets my (Android) phone speak up:

Should work on Pro '23, but I don’t own one


Thank you, @Peter_Kawa for the suggestion. On this moment i got it working with the help of macrodroid app on my phone and with webhooks. But it is not easy. I will try this one day.

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New dev @Phil_Shotton and SDK3 testversion available


There is a test version of Wireless Weather Sensors App for Homey | Homey on github


Anything new for Abus (or for the smoke detectors maybe integration with Heimann)?
Have some smoke detectors, which are now dumb :smiley :smiley:
Neither the Abus Dev nor the Heimann Dev is answering my requests :frowning:

Hi, well that is not much info, Bloargh :hugs:
Smoke detectors: What brand/type and protocol (zwave / zigbee)?

Heiman app:
How did you contact the dev, and for how long did you wait for a reply?
The way to contact Michal: https://mistr.tech/
Abus app:
How did you contact the dev, and for how long did you wait for a reply?
The way to contact Martin = forum DM

Pls keep in mind community devs are creating and (often) maintaining your apps for 0 euro’s, they’re under no obligation to do anything for anyone.
Did you donate a (few) coffee / beers?

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I’ve already been confirmed several times that the Abus smoke detectors should work with the current Heiman app. But have not tried it yet myself? Have you already tried it?

Doesnt work for me, tried it already a few times.
First step works, but after the second step I get a error message. Don‘t it right now, I need to check for it later, which message.
But it was a more unspecific error message like „something went wrong“

That sounds bad. I have 7 Asus smoke detectors myself… :pensive:

I have 6 Abus smoke detectors working with the Heiman app.


That sounds good… :joy:
Maybe there are different versions available (hard-/firmware)?

These are the info from mine smoke detector:

zw_manufacturer_id: 1027
zw_product_type_id: 2
zw_product_id: 3
zw_firmware_id: not available
zw_application_version: 3
zw_application_sub_version: 1
zw_hardware_version: 255

@Bloargh and @Jogi_Bear, would you be so kind and post your details?

I have the same Abus devices added with Heiman app.
zw_manufacturer_id “1027”
zw_product_type_id “2”
zw_product_id “3”
zw_secure “⨯”

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Well, now it works :sweat_smile: maybe it was a bug with the homey app itself. Today I got an update. Yesterday it didn’t worked.
And I have the same IDs as you

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Hersteller-ID 1027
Produkttyp-ID 2
Produkt-ID 3
Firmware 3
Firmware-Unterversion 1
Hardware Version 255

Yeah, all the same

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Moved Visonic Powermax to ‘supported’ and re-ordered the list alphabetically (a bit).

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Hi, for those who have devices that are no longer supported via 2023, there is a reasonable simple solution.

Use Homesh ([APP][Pro] Homesh Controller & Homesh Satellite - Connect Homey Pro 2023 to Homey Pro for Led, Speaker, Zwave(satellite) and network resource)
and have your 2023 virtual device trigger the original ones on your older Homey!

In basic:

  • Define virtual device on 2023
  • Downlaod Homesh Controller on 2023, Homesh Satellite on older Homey (fe 2019)
  • Define Flows on older Homey, with name triggers and THEN-actions on the old not supported devices (but who are still supported in the olde environment)
  • Define flow in 2023, calling the triggers on the satellite Homey :slight_smile:

Give it a try :slight_smile:


PS It worked for my Domitech Bulbs


Sensative App seems to be unsupported on HP 2023. It would be really sad, if they were no longer supported on Homey. :sob: Are there any others using sensative sensors that likes to move on HP 2023?

@fantross I remember that you have Sensative sensors in use. Do you have already a HP2023?

I tried to get in contact with the developer, no reaction so far.

If you actually checked the first post, you would have found a replacement app for sensitive strips.

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