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Homey Pro Bridge

Dear Homey society,

I’ve created a Homey Pro Bridge by clicking them together. But it doesn’t work, no error messages, nothing.
What possibly can be wrong here?


Seems like the left Pro foot is not making proper contact :crazy_face:


Right… the left foot you say… I’ll try to make it fit… :wink:



Looks like the Pro is enjoying it. :smirk:

May even get a litter of baby Homey’s in 9 months time … hehe

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Are you sure it’s 9 months as Athom don’t discuss delivery times :wink:

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Crap. Didn’t notice before, Russel.

That’s not a Pro on top, it’s a happily expecting Brid(g)e wanting more little certifiedScreenshot_20210930-134046_Chrome_copy_23x24 apps :hugs: :rofl:

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And when they do deliver, you’ll need to wait for a code first to bring it to live :no_mouth::expressionless::joy:

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Here’s your bridge madam… Unfortunately you can’t feed or play with it until we send you the code… For now just leave it in the box…

When will that be ?

Hmmm , dunno