Homey Pro and Salus UGE600 or directly pairing SQ610 thermostats - possible?

Hey there,

I need your support to get an answer to one query which is super important to me to make the right decision about buying a multi-gateway for my new house.

I really love how simple Homey Pro is in onboarding all devices and creating flows. I am definitely not a programmer and honestly, I am a little bit worried if I will be able to manage Home Assistant without any support from someone who’s having more programmer experience.

To the point, my question is

Does anyone know if Homey supports Salus Controls?

I am especially talking about onboarding all Salus devices using UGE600 (Salus Gateway on Zigbee protocol) or maybe there is a possibility to directly connect Salus thermostats SQ610 (zigbee) to Homey Pro without any issues?

Thanks in advance for your support.


Perhaps the forum search engine does. Or the app store.

Doesn’t look like there’s support, though.

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