Homey Pro / Advanced Flow logic problem


I have a little problem here.
My “Weather” should have been set to “No” as currently there’s a “Thunderstorm”.
Unfortunately, it’s showing a “Yes”…

Any idea about what I’m doing wrong?

I wonder how could I add several And…

When Dusk starts
And it’s cloudy
And we’re Monday
Then do something
Elsewhere do something else

Not all four can be true in the same time. There will be at least one path leading to no. This because your flow starts with checking all 4 cards directly. The checks needs to be ion an order. So first check top action. If true set weather to yes. If not true, check the next condition.

Maybe check: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GdvPs9Jd8Ts

But if action card is true (top line) then add and-card

In normal flows you have more than 1 AND cards.
In advanced flows I think you use the ALL card, to make shure ALL inputs are true. With the ANY card the flow continues if one of the inputs is true.
When you run your flow as test, you will see what happens and in which order the cards are executed.

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There are not four but tree conditions, and they can all be true at the moment Dusk starts. Adding the two And cards will work fine.

Thanks guys, very powerful, it’s working like a charm!

My reaction was about the screenprint not about the text.

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