Homey Pro / Built-in weather status (?)


As you can see, on the Homey App we can have info about the weather (especially the clouds and therefore the luminosity).

Do you know where can I find these info/data to use it inside an Advanced Flow please?


In a, like, timeline notification flowcard, click on the tag symbol on the right, and enter weather in the searchbar at the top.
Next, you select the green [Weather] tag, so it gets added into the flowcard

As you can see, the temperature is available in a separate tag.

Hmmm you lost me. I don’t get it at all.
Do you have any clear step by step or video please?

I’m looking for “weather” & “weather” in the Search field, but have nothing.

Tried to add a “When…” > “Logic” but nothing there too.

Could you show me with any more explicit screenshots?


These Logic cards are AND cards.

Anyway, I don’t understand how to access to “weather”… can someone show me please?

Just find the correct Logic card and try to fill it in, it should be self-explanatory.

Timeline card example is a ‘Then’ card.
It’s not restricted to logic cards, you can add tags to almost any ‘And’ and ‘Then’ cards which have fields for text/numbers

KB article:

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Excellent found it.
And how to get all the values for “Weather”? For example: Sunny, Cloudy, Rain and so on?
The idea is to trigger them and then to launch the next flow steps.

Thanks a lot guys!

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Thanks, I hadn’t found those tags since now :slight_smile:
Is it possible to modify those variables ? I have a vaccum robot with a mop (and the corresponding boolean "in use yes/no) and I would like to set it on/off depending on my schedule…