Homey Pro 2023 can't detect Philips Hue Bridge


I recently bought a Philips Hue Bridge and a “Philips Hue Go” light. I have connected the Hue Bridge to the same network as my Homey Pro via ethernet cable (Homey is also on ethernet).

In my Philips Hue app on my phone, I have successfully added the new light and set up a so-called “scene”, in which my light turns red.

My idea was to trigger a Philips Hue Scene via the flow card below, but for some reason my Homey Pro can’t detect any scenes when I search for them.


It seems it is unaware of the Philips Hue Bridge’s existence. How can I connect my Homey Pro 2023 to my Philips Hue Bridge?

Thanks in advance for any help.

If that were the case, you wouldn’t have been able to pair it, and you wouldn’t even have the flow card you’re showing now.

You might need to add at least 1 light to Homey so the bridge connection is made.


Are you sure? I’m not sure I’ve actually “paired” them yet. All I have done is installed the Philips Hue app to my Homey Pro and also installed the standalone Philips Hue app to my phone (where I have configured my Philips Hue scenes). No connection between Homey and Philips Hue have been made yet as far as I understand. I was hoping the connection would be made automatically when they connected to the same network, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. Am I missing something?

Interesting. Unfortunately, the only Philips Hue product I own in addition to the bridge, is the “Philips Hue Go” light. This light doesn’t seem to be supported when adding a new Philips Hue device to Homey via the official Philips Hue app.

You’re right, the Scene card is an app card. I think @Caseda is correct in that you need to pair at least one (supported) device that’s handled by the hub before you can set scenes.

Just try to add it, perhaps the trying is already enough to establish the connection.

I tried but unfortunately it did not work :confused: I will see if I can get a hold of a supported device and try again then. Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

So I’ve got my hands on a Philips Hue Motion Sensor, a product which is supposed to be supported by Homey. Unfortunately, the previous behaviour remains for me. When I try to add the motion sensor through the Homey official Philips Hue app, I get an error message that no devices can be found. (Note that I have already added the Philips Hue Motion Sensor to my Philips Hue Bridge through the iOS Philips Hue app).

Still suspect that Homey Pro 2023 and Philips Hue Bridge are unaware of each other. Can’t seem to get them to pair, even though they are both connected to the same network over ethernet.

Any tips?

Try to add the motion sensor as Motion Sensor or Occupancy Sensor using the test version of “Hue without the bridge”.

I have a Philips Hue Bridge with one Hue lamp defined in that bridge.
1- Then I started the Philips Hue App on the iPad where the Homey App is running.
2- Then in the Homey App I add a device, select the app “Philips Hue” , I get several device tiles.
3- Then I select a lamp,
-4 click “Install” and
5- I got a tile to select a Hue bridge.
-6 Then click the button on youre Hue Bridge to connect your Homey to your Hue Bridge.
-7 ……
Starting the Philips Hue App on my iPad made it working.

Yeah, this is how I would expect it to work. For some reason it’s just not working for me. The screen “Select your bridge…” never occurs. Just straight to “no devices could be found”. Very annoying.

Did you open the native Philips Hue App on the same device as the Homey App is running ?

Yes I did

Are the Hue bridge and Homey on the same (sub)network and VLAN?
Do you have a device like a pihole, if yes then this will block Homey finding the hue bridge with default settings.

Then I have no more options. TIL which step could you follow the steps above, and what did you see? A spinning wheel?

When anyone (whenever) have entered an IP address @ Hue bridge, remove it, set it to DHCP again and restart the bridge.
When that is a fix, reserve it’s IP address on your DHCP server instead.

Hi again,

Thanks for all your suggestions. After trying again and again without any success, I moved my Philips Hue Bridge into the same room as the Homey Pro 2023. After I did that, everything started working.

I was under the impression that they would be able to find each other over the network, since they were both connected with ethernet cable. However, it seems they use some other protocol when pairing, and thus moving them closer to each other did the trick, at least for me.

Thanks again for all your help guys. I will leave this here for the future if someone should end up in the same situation as me.

No, they don’t. It sounds like you have a setup that is causing issues.

When they are in the same room, the probability that they are on the same network segment and “see each other” is higher. Maybe that was the issue. Would be nice to know.