Homey Pro 2019 without Network

I have a Homey Pro (early 2019) and I am satisfied, However yesterday I had suddenly no more contact, for the whole day. Yesterday evening I have taken the power down and back up and everything looked fine again. In the insights it was visible that all traffic going over the wifi had been stopped (Solaredge, Tuya cloud etc.) but e.g. the temperature messurement over Zigbee had continued. Then this morning some routines that run over midnight had not functioned, and the (advanced) flows, when tested manually gave a failure on the if betterlogic value is true. I restarted the Betterlogic App and after that it worked again.
My question: is there a way to detect that the wifi on the Homey is down so I can automatically (flow or script) restart the Homey? At the moment this is only possible if physically at the spot because all traffic was down.

KR Gerrit

Yeah, with Net Scan, I use these flows to restart Homey, when it can’t reach my router for 30 minutes straight

Note: between the Timeline card and the “pause timer” card, the “Else” line should be there, only the flow-share function doesn’t show it

Sometimes a router power down/up can solve it also, you can use any non-wifi controlled plug for that, and control it with Homey.