Homey offline most of the time

I have purchased homey pro to replace my old smart hub “vera”, i like almost every thing about my homey, but not the offline message, I am getting this every time i open the app, some times i have to wait one minute or more to get it connected, I never faced this issue before with vera… even i didnt face any issue with my wireless network at my home because its fully well well covered.

I got this quite often, lets say if i open the app 15 times a day, i get the offline 11 times.

Examples of getting offline message:

  1. trying to open the app > offline message.
  2. while the app is connected i get disconnection message > reconnect with 5 seconds.
  3. even when i try to add some devices, in the process it disconnects and i have to repeat adding the device again.

My main router is tplink, my homey version is 7.2.0.

While writing this topic, i kept my homey app on iphone open, it got more than 10 times disconnected and reconnected, really annoying, i even have screen recording of what happened!

Homey only supports 2.5Ghz. On this forum issues are reported when your router has the same SSID for 2.5Ghz and 5Ghz.
Try to rename one of the network, see if that helps.

How far is your homey from your router?
Bad wifi can also cause this.

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When I first installed it, homey was 10 cm away from the router, then i moved it away around 4 meters. Maybe because of the network name as my wireless networks are Home.2G and Home.5G! I try to change the 5G name and will see what happens.

That is probably too close

They are already different! Some homey will not be having issues because of that

I’m not familiar with tplink routers and WiFi, is it a mesh network?

Does the tplink have 20/40 mhz coexistence?

Not the mesh network one, and yes i have the 20/40/auto

Turn off the 20/40 mhz coexistence. I had trouble until I turned that off

I cant turn it off, either 20 - 40 or auto, i tried using each option for 5 mins each, ended up with same issue. Here are the options i have on 2.4g wireless network.

20/40 coexistence is something different, probably burried somewhere in advanced options if you can disable it.

Maybe also try setting the 2.44 Ghz Wifi on another channel (1,6,11 preferred) may help. Using a wifi analyzer app is always useful. But these apps do not see other non-wifi devices, so trying something else then what appears to be the least used band may still help. In my area there used to be an invisible source of interference that drowned out a lot of the bands.

@Jumeira I’ve had this issue too and solved it with a different power adapter. The default one from Homey is a bit buggy.

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Well, good news, I had my Homey Pro working so smooth now, I did two things…
Deleted the DoorBird App and toggled off the experiments (HomeKit - Power User - Virtual Devices), not sure what have caused my Homey to be offline most of the time, it was a night mare.

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I’ve had to contact customer support a few times, and to be honest they’ve been very good. Each time part of the fix has been a new power adapter. Now Homey has available more than 3A

Turning off experimental and especially virtual devices shouldn’t be a root cause, many users depending on virtual devices and when you get the hang of it you’ll need it.
I did have a router problem, whenever I restarted router my homey became available. Since I switched router for my homey connection it improved 95%.
My router: TP Link :grin:
It’s cache/routing table runs full quick with my equipment, I got a smart plug powering it off for 1 minute around 3:30am

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