Homey offline issue

From Thursday to today… I’ve nothing but issues with ZigBee out of the blue

Suddenly it came back to life today…

I made one single…homey unrelated change…

The new Hue Essentials app allows channel change for Hue Bridge V2… I changed the channel yesterday…
Suddenly homey ZigBee works

So the offline issue seems more like a general issue… No news from Athom?
I bought a 2.4A adapter last Saturday, hope this solves the problem.

Hue app itself also allows you to change the zigbee channel

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Zigbee gone again…

After I add a device and reboot… Zigbee wont load

With the newest firmware loading of Zigbee can take a while (sometimes even 10-20 minutes). There have been several reports on that lately.

Yes… seems this is accurate… except mine takes 2 hours!

Has there been some ‘official’ statement about the USB adapter not beeing able to support homey with enough juice to stay ‘online’?
I’ve had my Homey crash, pretty reliable, within 24h every day, the past 14 or so days.
Only thing i changed was moving him to a closet, and disable the LED ring (Due to low WAF…) about 2 months ago, and the problem only started recently.
Regards Ole

It also crashes with my new 2.4A adapter :frowning:
Must be some issue with a firmware/app update since it started for everyone at around the same time. I’ll try to log an incident via the homey website or email.

Has the issue been resolved. I have similar problems, started around the same time

No I still have the same issue. It crashes less frequently but still once every 5-6 days. I’m even thinking off plugging the homey adapter into an Ikea tradfri plug so I can reboot Homey via the Ikea hub when it goes down again…
I created a ticket at Homey. The issue was sent to the development team 2 weeks ago but no new yet.

Absence of ethernet…Wifi sucks and always has.

Never had a problem with wifi… :thinking:

A small update:
Swapped power supply to a 3A adapter, seemed fine for a week’s time. Then back to “normal” with daily crashes (no specific time)
Then I introduced a nightly (05:00) reboot of Homey, and now I still have crashes at least every other day, and only observed it after 20:00
Another problem is my wife is starting to complain as well :frowning:

Same issue here. I always thought it was software related. I have the beta software thing enabled,
At first it would crash every other day. The last weeks it seems to be better with only a crash every two weeks or so. Not sure how to trouble shoot this… any tips are welcome.

I also have this problem ( for almost 1/2 year ) as wel on the Android as on IOS . It just won’t connect at the first try. Often i need to push the reconnect many time and then suddenly it connect . Often i need to replug the power supply on Homey . just to get it connected after it reboot . At first this help but the last few time it doesn’t . i also tried to switch power supply but that didnt help . Using the app is great but maybe the people behind homey should also add the old (web) version.( Back then it works very good) better have 2 ways to connect thru pc as on smart phone . I wonder if they can solve this problem asap

So, I ended up here, with the same issue. Any solutions?

I changed the power adapter but the issue still occured. I even bought an ikea powerplug so in case homey was unavailable I could restart it via the ikea hub :slight_smile:
But now it’s running stable since 6+ months… I didn’t change anything and Homey suddenly stopped crashing.

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It probably got scared because you broke the circle. You now hold the power over Homey because of the smart plug…

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So if the Homey is connected to the Ikea bridge, Homey can commit suicide as well? Or is that called Homeycide? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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