Homey not responding to Hue Dimmer Switch

Hmm so it’s not the 20-device limit… :thinking:

Hmm there is limit with 20 zigbee devices? :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, a limit of 20 directly connected devices (so devices that are connected to Homey directly and not through another Zigbee router device in the mesh).

So its not the issue for sure, less devices and i bought some xiaomi zigbee plug switches to work as reapeaters for maximum range :slight_smile:

Unknown are philips hue lights and 2 dimmers, in a few days another stuff comes from philips …and im worried why itsnot working like it should. Btw imusing dimmers for controlling my shutters + some lights.

As with any strange issues with Homey: pull the powerplug for a good 15 minutes and see if that cures it.

Okey will do that now and lets see.

Didn’t help at all, i have readded this one connected via zigbee stll don’t work. Two connected via bridge work without problems. I would leave things like that but this hue app dont have support for all actions in the flows( hold dim button, release, so basicaly i loose 3 actions whch i could asign). Damn it

Have the exact same problems. Hue dimmers (added directly with the Hue Zigbee app) stopped working months ago.

Tried all the tricks in the book. Nothing helped.

Suddenly the other day all them started working again. Had put them all away because they didn’t work but by mistake I pressed on and it worked.

They worked perfectly for a few days until I had to reboot Homey due to cutting power to the hole house… Since then they are all dead again :confused:

Damn it’s annoying. I have no idea what causes this weird behavior.

Sounds very familiar. Anyone found a solution?

I ended up resetting the Zigbee network and adding everything again. Haven’t had problems since.

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