Homey MQTT Not syncing all devices to Home Assistant (Dashboard Purpose)

Hi, I’m using Homey as main controller in my home, which works perfectly fine, except that it lacks a good dashboard functionality. Therefore I bought a Raspberry Pi and installed HA on it, so I could make my own lovelace dashboard.

But now I’ve a weird problem; I’m missing 4 or 5 devices as entity in HA. MQTT on HA does detect 44 devices and 156 entities, so it looks like there’s nothing wrong on the homey part. I’ve installed MQTT Explorer on my laptop to check if everything is being broadcasted, which is the case (see screenshot).

Screenshot of MQTT Explorer / Part of configuration.yaml / Snippet of Lovelace:

I’ve tried multiple variations of typing the entity-name, with/without spaces/capitals etc, but I think as long as it isn’t showing up in the entity list, non of this will work…

It’s a socket-switch of the brand ‘KlikAanKlikUit’, type ACD-300, which is also dimmable. But the problem also occurs with other devices, such as a AWMD250 from KaKu.

Try manually configuring your light in configuration.yaml. Probably auto discovery is not working for these lights for some reason. So make your own entity!

same Problem here. I have Fibaro Roller Shutter and I’m missing some entities. How can i create own entities?


I’ve managed this with adding this code in the configuration.yaml. With MQTT-explorer running on my Windows machine I’ve discovered the right topic.

  - platform: mqtt
    unique_id: 5e565d81087d6c0cd7a83031acd300
    name: "Vensterlamp"
    brightness_state_topic: "homie/homey/vensterlamp/dim"
    brightness_command_topic: "homie/homey/vensterlamp/dim/set"
    state_topic: "homie/homey/vensterlamp/onoff"
    command_topic: "homie/homey/vensterlamp/onoff/set"
    payload_on: "true"
    payload_off: "false"
    optimistic: false
    brightness_scale: 100
    qos: 0
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