Homey keynote - 12 October 2022

But is there a way to write data to the device by an app (like another directory)?

btw, in the app store, it doesn’t say that my Device Capabilities App voor Homey | Homey does not work. No warning of any kind.
But it uses the /userdata folder.

And where do i find this information? I didn’t see this before ordering or anywhere on the website?

Sdk version is a value in app.json, the use of /userdata isn’t, guess that’s the reason.

See your Email: Re: Homey Developer Update — The new Homey Pro

Use your Developer Email for Ordering of follow the instructions there.

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Damn… another reason to cancel my order. This will be chaos to start migration when half of the apps is not compatible and everything needs to be migrated manually. Destined to fail (at least the first half a year and for heavy users).

That’s why developers get a higher place in the queue :slightly_smiling_face:

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True but not all developers have the time to rewrite their app before the first batch arrives. Some don’t answer to requests at all. And rewrites also means a bigger chance for problems and bugs. Anyway, each developer should be praised but I’m not willing to risk chaos in my fully automated home by being amongst the first users.

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I agree, but since delivery is still some months away you could wait and see the progress in the wiki post @caseda will create.

Sure. That’s true. I was just very excited and ordered. It’s a bit of a bummer that migration and apps might be an issue.

Right, well, perhaps that mail should have been send before people (me) could order…

But you don’t have to be with the first…

Athom needs active developers and “supporters” aka users that test and report bugs to keep the Community development train running.
I expect there will be a new Major FW release (fe v10)
Until that don’t upgrade, from that FW I expect SDK 2 isn’t working and all that Apps stop (like they did with FW v5 ? and SDK1 )

After that I expect them to enable backup from Pro < 2023 and Restore on /migration to Homey Pro 2023

I know. But as a heavy user that is also very active here I - as said above - was very excited and wanted to have it. But as it turns out that probably comes at a price I’m not willing to pay. And I see there are many more heavy users that skip the first batch because of this. In the end you do need them exactly because they are those heavy users that give the feedback you need. Anyway, we’ll see what happens. I hope for the best.


@Emile What is/will be the alternative to using the /userdata folder?
How do we save files to Homey that can be read by the Homey apps as files?

Like icons for example, as used in the Advanced Virtual Devices of Device Capabilities?

Maybe you can use both Homeys for the time being and communicate with webhooks between them. So, use unsupported apps for the new one on the old one…

Hello everyone,

is there any information about the satellite mode?

I would then like to connect several Homey Pro.

Greetings Kevin

It should be possible to connect the Homey Pro with Homey Bridges as repeaters. I know nothing about the networking of several Homey Pros.

Coming up (in a short while, i need a second Homey again first):
[Vote] Feature App: Connect 2023 to Old Homey for Led, Speaker, Zwave(satellite) and network resource - Apps - Homey Community Forum


Arie_J_Godschalk for President or Homey CEO !

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No, i cannot design as well as the people from Athom!

I would have never created a device as gorgeous as Homey, i just do building dynamic apps and finding solutions to new problems pretty well :wink:


As a reference… placed two orders within 1 minute between the time as seen in the order confirmation “bestellingen” there is a 198 number difference between them… so a quick calculation would estimated 5850 orders in 30min at 399euro… is huge amount of revenue…

Also many not confirmed orders are in the systems. But i think it was a big succes for Athom

Although revenue is not profit. I don’t know the margin they make on each homey.

And a lot of fake orders are there as well. I had 4 orders, but only need one homey pro 2023. Has been resolved by now btw

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