Homey gone berserk! Help needed

Dear Homey veterans.
It is 03:36 and Homey is now off the grid.

At about 03:00 at night I woke up because my bedroom lights (Philips Hue) were switched on.

I soon realised ALL remote controlled lights in the house were on.
Since I have a few Cleverio lights that are not in the Hue universe, I figured it was something to do with Homey rather than the Hue bridge.

I used my phone to switch everything off, and went back to bed.
Then at around :03:30 Homey starts shouting at full volume in English, that the alarm is going off.
( My Homey is supposed to talk Swedish, and have done so since initially installed by me a month or two ago.)

Homey is even repeating it self, before one sentence is finished, it starts a new one. -At full volume! And then blaring the wake up chimes, again at full volume.

In an attempt to stop all of my family to wake up, I jumped out of bed to unplug the devious little device from mains power.
So for natural reasons, not much of trouble shooting was done.

What on earth is happening??

Clearly I can’t have this happening, so I’m great full for any help, or Home is going to go out the window.
( Which would be one expensive throw…)

Any help is greatly appreciated!

  1. Check your flows, something must be triggering the alarm and lights.
  2. check your lights, is their default power back on state set to “on” after power loss? It could be a power trip maybe?

That’s exactly what happened with my Homey in the middle of the night. (The alarm part not lights turning on part). Homey was mumbling and repeating itself. It coincided with updating to latest 4.0.0 firmware. I had no choice and I did the same, unplugged it from power.

Since that day it hasn’t happened again.
No flows changed before this event for months.

No explanation.

I had the same thing a couple of days ago, rebooting homey solved it ( for now)

Thnx viix.

  1. Thanks but I doubt it. Nothing in the config has changed for a long time.
    Appart from the fact that I disabled a connection from IFTTT.

  2. You are probably right about that. I will will likely set their Power on behaviour to off, as I now suspect we had a power outage during the night.

Danone and Rens:
Thnx for chiming in.
As stated above I now think the problem was caused by a power outage, or possibly even two, maybe interupting Homey in it´s boot sequence.

However, I still think this shouldn’t happen.

Is this forum also being monitored by Homey crew?
Even though the root cause was likely the outage, I still think this behaviour is non acceptable.

Thanks again good folks!

Also the powerplug for Homey could be the problem, many of them have given several problems and had to be replaced ( mine also ).

Interesting. I’ve never thought to look into a possible power outrage. It could have happened that night.
And in regards with the power adapter, I’ve never used the original one since it had the EU plug, I’ve always used an iPad 10W power adapter.

The more I think of it. Yes, we did have an outage, possibly two in short succession. So maybe the boot sequence was halted, and then re initiated,.

  • Maybea cause of the erratic alarm behaviour…

Hue lamps on at full power was ofc a result of the “power on behaviour”-setting in the Hue app.

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