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Homey for configurationcode (8digits) Homekit

Where can i find the Homey for configurationcode (8digits) for Homekit app, i do not have the original packaging?
And I can not find it in the homey app or hon the homey developer site.

I assume you mean you want to add Homey to iOS using HomeKit? Which HomeKit implementation for Homey do you use? There’s the experimental built-in one (I have no idea how to get the code for that), and there’s also the HomeyKit app, for which the code is 200-20-200

For the built in Homekit integration, go to Settings - Experiments and enable Homekit. Then you get a pop-up with the code. See:

Easy as that… :wink:

Athom also has a support topic about it:

For Homey Pro only, the Bridge is not supported, afaik (neither is the app @robertklep mentioned)

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I use the Homeykit app from the Homey app site, see below the screenshot of the web application.

The code request is comming from the IOS app.

Yes, and you now know it :slight_smile:


Oke werkt dank je