Homekit pairing code for homey in Home Assistant

I’m trying to integrate Homey into Home Assistant on a Raspberry PI. My Homey turns up as a newHomeKit device ready to integrate to HA. Using the HomeKit pairing code 200-20-200 returns wrong code error message. My Homey is previous added to HomeKit.

Is there another code to use or have I missed something.

The pairing code “200-20-200” is the code that is used by the HomeyKit app. If you run either the experimental built-in HomeKit support for Homey, or “the other” HomeKit app, you need to use their code instead.

For integration with Home Assistant, you can also take a look at this custom component or the MQTT Hub app.

Thank’s for your answer. Do you know where to find that codes? I use the homey built in experimentel function.

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When you enable the experiment, you’re shown the code. For me, it’s 111-22-333, so I guess that will be the default for everyone.

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Perfect! Tanks! My Homey is now integrated but I can’t see devices connected to Homey.


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I never used the experimental HomeKit support so I have no idea if you perhaps need to explicitly expose devices to HomeKit.