Homey + Eve Camera Floodlight

Hey folks!

I’m new to the homey ecosystem, and have had some great experiences with simple integrations such as with smart plugs, switches and motion sensors.

However, I wanted to use the Eve Camera / Floodlight. I purchased these, thinking it would be a simple integration, but I’m now questioning myself.

The product in question: https://www.evehome.com/en/eve-outdoor-cam.

This appears to work solely with Apple Homekit, and requires it for configuration. If there is any way for this to work with homey, could someone please point me in the right direction?


If it works with HomeKit, you could use the HomeKit Controller app to possibly get it working with Homey, but support will be very limited (no snapshots, no streaming, no audio, etc). Also, when it’s connected to Homey it will very likely not work in iOS’s Home app anymore, since most (all?) HomeKit devices can only be connected to one controller.

Thanks Robert, much appreciated.

Will see if I can find a camera setup which works well with homey!

Bear in mind that Homey doesn’t support streaming or audio natively.