Homey dead/fried? Constant cracking noises

Video: https://youtu.be/UrnOfTEdRSg

My Homey (pre-order 2015 edition) seems dead/fried. A few month ago the LED ring turned full red and started making a constant cracking noise, tried recovery mode multiple times,
powering Off and On but cracking noise never got away. Now LED ring is white with dim rainbow colors and permanent cracking sounds. Doesn’t sound good. Is it dead/fried?

Only ever used with the original power adapter, never opened the enclosure, no mods applied, and only used simple flow with speech command when it was still available.
Has only served as decorative ring light in my living room ever since.

What can I do @ Homey Support?

That’s your problem: the original power supply is a POS. You should replace it with something better (5V, at least 2.3A).


I tried a different power supply and the endless cracking sounds are gone instantly.
Thank you for you help! :slightly_smiling_face: :+1: