Homey dead after replacing usb adapter

My Homey was running but had some issues with the backup. After contacting honey support, they told me to try a different adapter because that could be the problem. So I replaced it with a different >2A adapter. When I turned it on, I heard a loud pop, just like a speaker that is about to going to make a lot of noise. After that the orange circle turn on permanently. I power cycled it, than the orange ring started to turn, but after a few rounds it stop turning and only a few led stayed on. Now I can put power on it but it doesn’t turn on anymore, the ring stays black. Even holding it upside down doesn’t work. Any ideas?

Sounds like you may have blown up something :grimacing:

I am afraid so too, not the best day to do so, just before a long weekend.

It’s HP2019,right - just to be sure,that power supply was not PD (Power delivery) standard, right?

A PD power supply should only increase voltage if the device is explicitly asking for it. I’ve never had issues connecting regular 5V devices to PD-able power supplies.

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Indeed,if connected directly and unless faulty…or you possibly know what has happened?

If Homey was already having issues, it might have been failing already, but it could also be a dodgy power supply (loud pops could be caused by a blown capacitor).

Or speaker due to the overvoltage… but let’s see what we will learn here

I used a phone charger that I use for my phone, also used it on the tablets of the children. Never had problems with this charger. My phone can do fast charging but never does it with this charger.