Homey coudnt find comfy screens IO (conexoon)

Request to contact on the forum: At this moment homy isn’t able to connect my comfy screens.
when i fill in the credentials in the app, the app respons with: couldn’t find device

any solution to solve this issue?

Many thanks

Hi Erik,

I see it’s your first post, welcome :smiley:
For every app there is a specific topic, this can be found in the bottom section of the app in the homey appstore or by searching the forum.

In this case, this is the one: Somfy Tahoma & Connexoon (v2.1.2)
Please ask the question over there to Adrian Rockall. (you can start the question by using the @ sign, followed by Adrian_Rockall).

Also provide more info:
Which Homey firmware, which Somfy app version, do you have OAuth on or off.
Check the log file of the app and post a screenshot of the error message.

@moderators Maybe the question could be moved and this topic closed. Im not sure what the right procedure is.

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Thanks for giving me an opportunity to communicate with you.

If you have devices that are not detected by the app then open the app Configure App page, select the Device Log tab, tap on the Get Log button and then once the list is filled tap on the send log button.
Then send me a PM with the friendly names (the ones you have given them, such as front window) of the devices that are not detected.

I am hoping to add a few devices over the weekend as I have a bit of a list accumulating.

Hi @Adrian_Rockall

Thanks for helping, I’ve send the log in the app. The homey couldn’t find the vertical screens.
enclosed the screen image of the log !

if you need any information please let me know,


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I haven’t received the log. Did you tap on the send button (I think that’s verzenden)?

Send it Again , hope it Will work now :wink:

Yep, I have both now :slight_smile:
Not sure why it took so long for the first one.