Homey Cloud Progress Update - The new Homey — Beta Status

The new Homey — Beta Status

Everyone with a Homey (cloud) with or Without Homey Bridge should have had this email. This Post is to Refer to for everyone that missed it and asks why their devices or Flowcards are Locked. (by @Dijker )

We’d like to update you about the Homey service — which is still in beta.

As promised, here is a new status update for the new Homey service.
Remember, in the meantime you can always check the Beta Status page.

What we’ve been working on.
We’ve made great progress in stability of the cloud services. Our software engineers have really done outstanding work in identifying scalability issues, and solving those as we went along.

Many issues have been solved, with just a few remaining. We’ve also invested heavily into creating internal dashboards to monitor the behaviour of our own services & official apps. In the end, we are running our partners’ code on our servers, which is quite a challenge to keep stable at all times.

A screenshot from our cloud dashboards, showing app events throughout the week.

While there are still a few issues remaining, we expect those to have been solved before December '22.

Even if you think an issue has already been reported, it’s essential for us to hear from you. You can report issues here.

What you can expect next.
On December 1st, we will activate Homey Premium. All accounts will automatically switch to the free tier.

  • There is a limit of 5 devices. Any sixth, seventh etc. device will become ‘locked’.
  • Insights will be unavailable.
  • Some Flow cards, e.g. Logic, will be unavailable.

You can then start your free Homey Premium trial of 1 month. Homey Bridge owners will receive an e-mail to claim their 3 extra months Homey Premium. Learn more about Homey Premium »

During this phase, Homey will still be officially in beta. We of course want to test if the Homey Premium functionality works as expected.

We are all very excited that the end of the beta is finally nearing, and we couldn’t have done it without you. Thank you for everything!

— Emile

From December 1st or when your Premium subscription expires your your 6th and later devices will show Locked.

Also in Flows where Logic is used.

Please go to More… Premium - and Enable your First month Free Premium subscription. **
(or Three months extra if You have purchased a Homey Bridge (an Email with information will arrive about that))

** This will be available from the 1st of December when everyone is Changed to the Free tier!

Good afternoon,

I purchased a homey bridge a month ago, but have not (yet) received an email with the information after the activation of Homey Premium.

(‘Homey Bridge owners will receive an e-mail to claim their 3 extra months Homey Premium.’)


You need to contact Athom support and ask for a code.

latest email from Athom:

Good evening,

Thank you for your response, I will wait for the email tomorrow.


Hello, I migrated to a more programming based system, so I don’t need the webhooks anymore.

I don’t think they’ll comply as this is one of the most usefull items…

The message is sent to your TimeLine:

You also need the newest Homey App on your smartphone, otherwise “Premium” is not visible.

I love it, now I shall pay or waste my free months for a unstable beta. Better news, since I am forced to buy premium… It got worse again. Presence sensing doesn’t work anymore. → Support told me they already knew about this issue, also its a general Android issue. So its a coincidence and shall not be related to homey-beta-premium. But I can’t find any hint on a official status-page/bug-tracker.