Homey Case Mod

So I finally got myself a 3D printer and printed your case Leon. Thanks alot for the work on this.
I split your case in 3 and printed a clear ring on it. And the case is black.
It not perfect ( I rushed it) , but it looks pretty cool. I love it. Especially the ring against the black of the box looks amazing.
Thanks again for all your hard work on getting the case and measurements spot on.



May i have the digital design file of your homey case with the clear ring. I’d love to make it that way.

Sure I’ll upload it to thingyverse tomorrow. Its just the case in 3 parts and I glue them together.

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Hi, you can grab the print here.


maybe it is posted already but could some one share the dimensions of the board inside homey?

Ordered a black version @ninja prototype. All togehter USD 100,- incl shipping. I hate the terrible cheap original design and this box design gives much better room for attena mods (maybe a good idea to add the wholes as an option in your design :wink:

Will post a picture when it arrives (if ever, seems to be coming from China).

What did you order? Is just for them to print it for you? In PLA or ABS?
This is half the price of my Anycubic 3d Printer, and it came with a roll of filament. I hope it is a fantastic ABS case you got for this price.
For the holes, yes I thought of this, but havent the energy to do it currently. Plus if you really need to, you can simply drill the holes in just as neatly. I did include the Google Sketchup file too for anyone to easily edit it if they want.
Looking forward to see the pics of this case when you get it.

Yes, I order it in full ABS except the transparent part. I am fed up with this cheap bol design of Homey it looks like a Euro 25,- somtheing and keeps falling over. Anyway I will post
the pics of the result. Probbably I will go for extended antenna’s o I can snug my homey in a closet. But if it looks like a million, I will display it
:wink: do you know if double antenna’s per frequency (Zigbee, Zwave) give extra benefits, I found some really
nice ones.

Long thread here: Homey antenna mod
Short answer: definitely.

Meaning 2 antennas, per protocol so 2xZigbee and 2x Zwave… or is this just overkill?

I wouldn’t connect two antennas, that will modify the impedance and the result will be quite a bad signal.

Hi I, ordered the follwing 3 antenna’s (and a 3D print of a new home for my Homey):

DELOCK 88968 for Zigbee
DELOCK 89769 for Z-wave
DELOCK 88991for Multiband Wifi

Let’s see what they will do. I have a short Q, connections to the motherboard for Wlan and Zigbee are simple. What internal kabel did you use for Z-wave? A similar one that you just stripped and soldered?

Thx, will post some pics of the end result.

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Finally done including 3D printed case with special thanks to @AdrianLiteAuto and @Leon_van_Efferen :


Looks like Homeys Evil Twin. (But also very cool looking)


very cool. Did the antennas make a big difference? Particularly to Zwave range?

Yes, Zwave and Zigbee are great now. Wifi however kept disconnecting. I have set-up wifi again, and now it seems fine.

Awesome. I havent had the chance to do anything more. But I have an old Zipato Zipatile lying around that I wish to pull the soft wire zwave antenna out of and try just using this around the enclosure to see if this help the range. Rather than adding an antenna. Just as an experiment. I also have some smaller antennas of a Zipabox and Zigbee expansion module that may also do the trick.
How much did the print end up costing? Is it a really good finish?

@AdrianLiteAuto did you also look at: Homey antenna mod

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Total was aroun USD 125, Customs upped the price a it and charged me VAT… So a steep price but way better than than the Faberge-would-never-approve-egg ;-).

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This look seriously awesome! I just have 1 question about it…
I don’t like the power sticking out to the side like that :slight_smile:
Would it be possible to arrange the antennas differently so the zwave/zigbee antennas are to the side of the power connector?